Domain names

Due to the complexities related to the domain ownership, we have stopped offering domain names. We plan to find a workaround, but there is no ETA yet.

Offering domain name management

There are several reasons why a team like ours might choose not to offer domain name services to its customers. One of the primary reasons is the complexity of the domain name system itself, which is governed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Domain management and ICANN

ICANN manages the global domain name system (DNS), which is responsible for assigning and managing domain names. The DNS is a complex system that involves numerous registries, registrars, and other parties, which can make it challenging for teams like ours to provide domain name services directly to our subscribers.

Moreover, the process of specifying domain name ownership can be complicated and time-consuming, which does not make sense at this moment from a business sustainability aspect. Furthermore, the process of purchasing, managing and transferring domains for our Subscribers can be especially problematic for teams like ours that operate at scale and must manage hundreds or even thousands of domain names on behalf of our Subscribers.

Offering domain names in the future

We want to offer domain names, since they are part of the digital infrastructure of any individual, organization or company, but we do not have an ETA yet.