Refunding procedure

Currently, we provide our Subscribers with a 30-days trial to all our instances (Partnerships such as Protonmail or Deflect are not included). If you are happy with the service and decide to proceed with the renewal of the service, you can proceed with a monthly/yearly payment. Otherwise, we proceed with off-boarding and the Subscriber does not  make a payment.

There is only one reason where there can be a refund:

In this case, the previous invoice will be deleted and you will receiving new sales invoice.

Cancellation procedure of an invoice

The Subscriber (you) need to send an email to to request the cancellation of the service.

If the payment was received through Stripe - we can refund the via Stripe, but an additional of 4.5% on top of the actual cost of the invoice will be applied due to third party costs.

If the payment was received via a bank transfer, we will have to ask the Subscriber for their bank details and sent the transfer 'manually'.

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