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Guides on to use better the instances we provide. billing system

Guide on how to better us our billing system. This guide will be mostly used by our subscribers. billing system

Changing your Subscriber data


When you become a Subscriber we provide you with your dedicated page on our billing system hosted at Since there is an obligation for both you and our team to have your Subscriber details updated, here is a quick guide to show how you to update your billing details.

How to edit your billing details

The first time you need to edit your billing details, you need to contact us at office (at) cloud68 (dot) co and request your unique Subscriber Dashboard URL. Once you receive the URL, you need to click on the 'Edit Details' button on the page and change your billing details there.


Important: you are required to change your billing details the soonest and definitely before your next billing cycle. You are also required to inform us that your billing details have changed if you receive an invoice from our team.

How to use

We offer technical support to our Subscribers based on the packages they have.

Starter packages: standard support

Medium+ packages: priority support

Who has access to your support system?

If you are a subscriber of ours you can access our support system by requesting a username and a password at support (a)

If you have a username and a password

In this case visit and get access with your credentials.

When do you offer support?

Our support team is active from Monday to Friday from 9.00 - 17.00 CEST.