Importing and exporting data

We answer your questions on migrating data to or migrating data to another provider. Image credits:

Importing data to infrastructure

Below you will find the details about our approach to migrating your data to


Migrating an instance already deployed somewhere else (not in infrastructure)

This is a relatively easy process as long as the data are from the same platform. Example: if you are already using a Nextcloud instance we will provide you with the steps that need to be followed to migrate your data. All you need to do is to mention this while filling in the instance request form and our support team will take it from there. For instances that have less than 1TB of data it usually takes our team 5-6 business days for the migration. Your 'old' instance will still be active while we migrate your data. This process is free of charge for some specific packages (for example Medium+). If the package you have chosen does not include free migration of your data, please refer to this link where we explain how we charge for custom on-demand work:

Migrating data that are not in the format of the instance you want to migrate to

If you have your data in a format that is not the same as the instance you are planning to get we will need to review your case and decide if it can be migrated or not. For example: if you have your data saved at your Dropbox account and want to move these at a Nextcloud instance hosted at we will need to review your case and decide if this is something that can be done. For the calculation of the costs required for such on-demand request please visit

Exporting data from infrastructure

On this page, you can have an overview of how we handle migrations of the instance you have hosted at to somewhere else.


When you want to offboard an instance, you need to open a support ticket from Once we receive the request, you will receive a copy of your data in six (6) business days. You will be informed that the data will be available for download for a limited time.

After each request for off-boarding, we will provide the latest backup of your data. If you have an instance like WordPress, this backup might be around 3-5gb but if you have a Nextcloud instance or a PeerTube one your backup might be 250-2000gb. 
The first thing you need to do is where to store all this data.  You will need at least double the amount of storage because the file we provided is an archive, and you will need to extract it in order to access the data. After you have got sufficient storage, the next step is to calculate the amount of time that is need to download this file. You can use many online calculators like These types of calculators need the size of the file and the speed of your internet in order to give the estimation time. The file size will be provided by us while you can measure your internet speed by using this site

Once you have downloaded your data, voilà, you are ready to migrate to another ethical (ideally) hosting provider like ourselves.

Exporting the data to migrate to another platform

Sometimes we receive requests to migrate the data from platform A (for example Nextcloud) to another platform (for example (owncloud). This is not always possible, due to the fact that platforms are not always compatible but when it is we charge a fee for the service based on the number of working hours required for the migration. For details about such services please visit