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Billing practices

VAT calculation, payment details and more. Guide on how to better us our billing system. This guide will be mostly used by our ...

Domain Name System (DNS)

Guides about the changes required to DNS needed for the deployment of an instance.

Domain names

Due to the complexities related to the domain ownership, we have stopped offering domain names. We plan to find a workaround, b...

General info (FAQs)

Our answers to frequently asked questions

Importing and exporting data

We answer your questions on migrating data to or migrating data to another provider. Image credits: https://flickr...

Instances (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions about how the instances work IRL.

On-demand services

Documentation on our approach on on demand requests

Reseller program?

Information about a potential availability of our reseller program.

Server Specs

Public documentation with a description of the specs for all the instances we provide.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Information on our SSO system.

Tech support (FAQs)

All your questions about the way we offer tech and user support answered.