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Public Docs

Includes FAQs. server specs and in general everything that you want to ask us and the answer is not at our website.

Server Specs

Public documentation with a description of the specs for all the instances we provide. Important note: this is not updated! Contact our team here for server specs info:

General info (FAQs)

Our answers to frequently asked questions

Billing practices

VAT calculation, payment details and more. Guide on how to better us our billing system. This guide will be mostly used by our subscribers.

On-demand services

Documentation on our approach on on demand requests

Tech support (FAQs)

All your questions about the way we offer tech and user support answered.

Domain names

Due to the complexities related to the domain ownership, we have stopped offering domain names. We plan to find a workaround, but there is no ETA yet.


Reseller program?

Information about a potential availability of our reseller program.


Instances (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions about how the instances work IRL.

Importing and exporting data

We answer your questions on migrating data to or migrating data to another provider. Image credits:

Domain Name System (DNS)

Guides about the changes required to DNS needed for the deployment of an instance.


Single Sign On (SSO)

Information on our SSO system.

single sign on

Monitoring system

Information on how we make sure that your instances are monitored.

monitoring system

SSL certificates

Info on how we handle your SSL certifications. Work in progress. More info soon


Onboarding and Offboarding

Procedures we follow when you are on-boarded or off-boarded from a specific instance.


Supporting FLOSS devs w/ Noire

Noire is the project we have developed to supports free libre open source devs. Project will be launched soon.

What are SSL cert

SSL certificates

(more info coming soon(


Let's encrypt

SSL certificates

More info coming soon.


Starter Packages Server Specs

Server Specs

Important note: this is not updated! Contact our team for server specs info: Instance vCPU RAM Discourse, funkwhale, invoiceninja, matomo, mattermost, mediawiki, nextcloud, peertube, wordpress, writefreely ...

Medium+ packages Server Specs

Server Specs

Important note: this is not updated! Contact our team for server specs info: The Medium+ instances have the Starter specs by default, but the servers will be upgraded to the specs listed below if requested by the Subsc...

On-demand Server Specs

Server Specs

Important note: this is not updated! Contact our team for server specs info: Interested in having an instance with  something different that our Starter or Medium+ package? Fill in the for here with all your requirements...

General FAQS

General info (FAQs)

Why do you offer only Open Source licenses? We assume that you already know the answer to that since you are in this website ?. Open source technologies respect the freedoms of you, the user, which is something we take seriously here at Do you of...

Questions about Instances

General info (FAQs)

What is the list of instances you offer? The number and the variety of instances we offer are growing constantly. For the full list of the instances we offer please visit this page. I am interested in an instance, but I don't see it in the list... If your i...


General info (FAQs)

Terms of Service are important to me, where can I find them? We take transparency for the way we handle your data seriously and we try to reflect this also in the Terms of Service document that you can find in our website. How can I remove my data from your ...

Protect yourself please

General info (FAQs)

How do I recognize phishing emails? Phishing is defined as the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication (source here). ...

Server location(s)

Server Specs

At the moment our servers are located in Germany. We explain everything about the location of the data centers where your data is hosted in our Terms of Service document located here This applies to our standard St...

Collabora and/or OnlyOffice

General info (FAQs)

Depending on your package (Starter or Medium+) we provide Nextcloud instances with one of the two most used online office collaboration suites: Collabora Office and OnlyOffice. Below is an introduction for each one of the suites.   Collabora Office Collabo...

Changing your Subscriber data

Billing practices

Context When you become a Subscriber we provide you with your dedicated page on our billing system hosted at Since there is an obligation for both you and our team to have your Subscriber details updated, here is a quick guide t...

Payment methods

Billing practices

What payment methods do you accept? We accept payments via credit/debit cards (via Stripe) and bank wire transfer (via We are not accepting Paypal at the moment, but we are planning to do so soon, although we would prefer not to have to use Paypal ...

VAT or not

Billing practices

VAT might apply in some cases and not apply in other situations depending on the legal setup of your entity. For EU-Based Subscribers With a VAT Number: If you're a business within the EU and have a valid VAT number, we do not charge VAT on your invoices. T...

Billing Portal

Billing practices

  (more content to be added)

Custom Managed Instances

On-demand services

We provide various open-source software instances (full list here: and we offer our services through two main packages which are: 1. Starter (ideal for freelancers, with normal support and weekly backups) 2. Medium+ (ideal for S...

Training services

On-demand services

Small and medium organizations are always in need of training services, especially when it comes to the migration of their infrastructure. That is why we have decided to offer our know-how and facilitation skills in open source digital infrastructure through o...

Consultancy on open source infrastructure

On-demand services

Our official price for services related to open source infrastructure and consulting is: 75Eur/hour. Types of on-demand services offered Here is a list of on demand services we offer: migration from another managed hosting and infrastructure provider to Cl...

Request an instance

On-demand services

If you are interested in an instance that is not listed in our website (full list here: please fill in the form in the link below and our team members will contact you. Request an instance form


Tech support (FAQs)

We offer technical support to our Subscribers based on the packages they have. Starter packages: standard support Medium+ packages: priority support Who has access to your support system? If you are a subscriber of ours you can access our support system by...

How can I ask for tech support?

Tech support (FAQs)

Our main communication channel for paying Subscribers is On-boarded Subscribers can also contact our team by using, which will open automagically a support ticket for you. Do you offer support via phone? Our team ...

What are your support days and hours?

Tech support (FAQs)

Our friendly tech support team is available from Monday to Friday 9.00 - 17.00 CET/CEST timezone. Tech support during weekends During weekends and official holidays, only high priority and downtime-related support tickets are handled.  Official holidays ...