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VAT or not

VAT might apply in some cases and not apply in other situations depending on the legal setup of your entity.

For EU-Based Subscribers

With a VAT Number:

If you're a business within the EU and have a valid VAT number, we do not charge VAT on your invoices. This is known as a reverse charge mechanism. It's essential that you provide us with your VAT number during the completion of the "instance request" form.

Example: A digital agency based in Germany provides their VAT number. Their Cloud68 invoice will be without VAT.

Without a VAT Number:

Individuals or entities without a VAT number are required to pay VAT at the rate applicable in their country. This includes businesses not registered for VAT and consumers.

Example: A freelancer in Spain without a VAT number requests a Nextcloud instance from Cloud68. The invoice will include Spanish VAT at the current rate.

VAT RATES: Check here for the VAT rates based on your location.

For Non-EU Based Subscribers

Subscribers outside the EU are not charged VAT on our services. 

Example: A startup based in Canada has an active PeerTube instance with Cloud68. They won't be charged VAT in their invoice.