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General FAQS

Why do you offer only Open Source licenses?

We assume that you already know the answer to that since you are in this website ?. Open source technologies respect the freedoms of you, the user, which is something we take seriously here at

Do you offer services worldwide?

At the moment we are prepared to offer qualitative services for individuals and entities based in the US, EU countries and countries in South Eastern Europe, otherwise known as the Balkan region. Time difference, complication on accepting payments from residents or legal entities in countries other than the one mentioned previously and also other legal issues from countries that have policies not friendly towards internet freedom are some of the main reasons for this decision. Our goal is to offer our services worldwide, but this seems more complicated as we had initially estimated. If you are are not based in one of these countries, but if you really like us and you still want to apply, we will do our best to support you.

Are your services environmental friendly

The servers used to provide your services are hosted at facilities using green energy. We will post more update about in our blog section.