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Terms of Service are important to me, where can I find them?

We take transparency for the way we handle your data seriously and we try to reflect this also in the Terms of Service document that you can find in our website.

How can I remove my data from your servers?

In order to remove your personal data from our infrastructure servers you will need to ask us to close your account. While we’d be very sad to see you go, if you no longer want to use our Services ☹️, you can ask us to close your account and remove your data from our database. You can do this by contacting our support team through our website:
Please keep in mind that we may continue to retain your information after closing your account, as described in our privacy policy document — for example, when that information is reasonably needed to comply with (or demonstrate our compliance with) legal obligations such as law enforcement requests, or reasonably needed for our legitimate business interests. For more information on how we manage your data please visit the dedicated 'Privacy Policy' web-page.

Where are your servers located?

For 'Starter' and 'Medium+' packages our servers are located in Germany as we are using a hosting service provided by Hetzner Online GmbH. Make sure to read their data policy in case you are hosting sensitive data: For 'On demand packages' we might have on premise hosting or another hosting service provider as imposed by the contractual obligations we have with our partners and Subscribers on a case by case situation.

Access of the data from team to my Nextcloud instance

Question: Do you and your partners have zero knowledge about the data that are stored on my Nextcloud instance?

Although our team has access to your data we do NOT access them unless we have written consent from our Subscribers for reasons related only to us offering technical and user support.  In case you are interested to encrypt your files hosted at a Nextcloud instance we propose you to use In case you already are a subscriber and need help to use Cryptomator don't hesitate to contact our team. For more details about the way we treat your data please read our Terms of Service.