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Custom Managed Instances

We provide various open-source software instances (full list here: and we offer our services through two main packages which are:

1. Starter (ideal for freelancers, with normal support and weekly backups)

2. Medium+ (ideal for SMEs, with higher storage space, high-priority support, and daily backups)

From time to time we receive requests for the instances to be set up with custom specs (eg. custom storage, hourly backups, platform customizations, etc.) or with very specific platform requests, and as long as these open-source platforms are licensed under a permissive license, we always try to accommodate these requests.

How to request an on-demand Instance with custom specs?

  1. visit and fill in the details in the form;
  2. once we receive the form our team will contact you. Usually, we might ask some additional questions if some details are not clear or we will send you a financial offer;
  3. if you approve the offer by clicking on the 'Approve' button (see screenshot below) our billing system will automatically generate an invoice for you, and we will proceed with the deployment;
  4. in parallel with the deployment, you will be asked to proceed with the payment (here are more details about it;
  5. you are ready to use the instance, and we thank you for choosing reliable open-source digital infrastructure.

'Approve' button of a financial offer from

'Approve' button of a financial offer from

Do you approve all requests for custom instances?

We are focused on providing our services only for open-source licensed platforms. We also do not guarantee that will accept all requests at the moment. We don't have the knowledge on hosting all the open source licensed platforms out there, and we prioritize platforms that we have strong knowledge from our usage on a daily basis following the principle of dogfooding.