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About the software

Pixelfed is a photo sharing and blogging platform and the Fediverse's replacement for Instagram. It has many similarities with  Instagram. You can post images of any aspect ratio, and attribute a caption. Your profile will display thumbnails of the images you uploaded. Some more features as mentioned by are:

  • you can usually upload 4-8 images in one post depending on the instance.
  • captions, tags, licenses, location, and visibility settings are all modifiable per-post.
  • you can like other people's images and comment on them. You can also follow people and hashtags.

Pixelfed is Free Software, free of ads, spying, and algorithms that amplify hate, and it's part of the Fediverse.

Being part of the Fediverse, you can't just follow other Pixelfed users, but also users from other Fediverse platforms. Their picture posts will appear in your home timeline as though they were Pixelfed posts.

Software update frequency

For information about the way we handle software updates, please visit

Pixelfed instances by

With Pixelfed being a social network, moderation of the content is not easy, which brings an additional layer of complexity in management for our team. With that being said and following many internal discussions, we have decided to provide Pixelfed accounts only to people and/or teams that we have strong indications that will make sure all the content in the instance provided by our team will respect our Terms or Service.

Interested in a Pixelfed instance?

We are planning to make Pixelfed instances available in 2023. Visit our blog section for an announcement and updates.

Note: at we do NOT develop Pixelfed and all the names and trademarks of the software are owned by the entity behind the project. Learn more about the project here