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Scheduled maintenance

FAQs: Tech support

For scheduled maintenance to your instance the main contact person responsible for the Subscription package will be notified by email (at least). We usually work on planned instance updates on weekends (Saturday to be more specific), unless there is a request ...

Service not available

FAQs: Tech support

In case of unplanned disruption of service we will notify our Subscribers using the following methods: email directed to the main contact person responsible for the Subscription; Mastodon announcement; Twitter announcement ...


FAQs: general info

Our public /Docs documentation aims to help you get to know how we offer our services and to guide you on interacting efficiently with our team. We hope that the content published here will make is easier for you to solve any issues you might have. to In addit...

FAQs: domain names

Domain names

Starting from September 2021 we are now offering domain name management, but limited only to actual Subscribers with one or more instances. We are planning to make this service available to anyone soon, but there is no ETA yet. New domain application To appl...

Reseller program availability

FAQs: reseller program?

At the moment we don't have a reseller program due to the complexities that this approach generates to being GDPR compliant. We will update this page if case we have news about our approach to resellers.  


Instances FAQs

About the software "BigBlueButton is completely open-source and was created by a community of dedicated developers passionate about helping improve online learning. It is constantly evolving and improving through a dedicated, growing international user and de...


Instances FAQs

Some things that might help you while using your Nextcloud instance. Manual New Nextcloud user? Here is the user manual that will help you navigate your instance easier: Also, this might be handy to c...

Refunding procedure

FAQs: billing

Currently, we provide our Subscribers with a 30-days trial to all our instances (Partnerships such as ProtonMail or Deflect are not included). If you are happy with the service and decide to proceed with the renewal of the service, you can proceed with a month...

Collabora Online

Instances FAQs

Collabora Online is an open source online office suite that can be integrated into any web application, it is developed by Collabora Productivity, a division of Collabora. Collabora Online has LibreOffice at its core, it allows collaborative real-time editing ...


Instances FAQs

OnlyOffice, stylized as ONLYOFFICE, is a free software office suite developed by Ascensio System SIA, a company headquartered in Riga, Latvia. It features online document editors, platform for document management, corporate communication, mail and project mana...


Instances FAQs

About the software Editoria is the modern open source book production platform. It is build and customize streamlined, scalable professional book production workflows using Editoria’s rich web-based tools. features: the ...


Instances FAQs

About the software Pixelfed is a photo sharing and blogging platform and the Fediverse's replacement for Instagram. It has many similarities with  Instagram. You can post images of any aspect ratio, and attribute a caption. Your profile will display thumbnail...

Instance updates

Instances FAQs

in this page we explain our approach on instance updates from the actual version to a new one. When is an instance updated The approach we have decided to follow for the management of all the instances is to update to major stable releases, unless there is a...