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Starter Packages Server Specs

Public: Instances Server Specs

Instance vCPU RAM attendize, discourse, funkwhale, invoiceninja, matomo, mattermost, media...

Medium+ packages Server Specs

Public: Instances Server Specs

The Medium+ instances have the Starter specs by default, but the servers will be upgraded to ...

On-demand Server Specs

Public: Instances Server Specs

[more info will be added soon]  

General FAQS

FAQs: general info

Why do you offer only Open Source licenses? We assume that you already know the answer to that s...

Questions about Instances

FAQs: general info

What is the list of instances you offer? The number and the variety of instances we offer are gr...

Tech support

FAQs: general info

How can I ask for tech support? Our main communication channel for paying clients/partners is su...


FAQs: general info

Terms of Service are important to me, where can I find them? We take transparency for the way we...

Protect yourself please

FAQs: general info

How do I recognize phishing emails? Phishing is defined as the fraudulent attempt to obtain sens...

Server location(s)

Public: Instances Server Specs

At the moment we explain everything about the location of the data centers where your data is hos...

Collabora and/or OnlyOffice

FAQs: general info

[more content will be added soon]

Changing your Subscriber data

How to guides billing system

Context When you become a Subscriber we provide you with your dedicated page on our b...

Custom Managed Instances

On-demand services

We provide various open source software instances (full list here: ...

Training services

On-demand services

Small and medium organizations are always in need of training services, especially when it comes ...

Consultancy on open source infrastructure

On-demand services

Our official price ffor services related to open source infrastructure and consulting is: 45Eur/h...

Request an instance

On-demand services

If you are interested in an instance that is not listed in our website (full list here: https://c...

How to use

How to guides

We offer technical support to our Subscribers based on the packages they have. Starter packages:...